Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Magnificent Planet Deserves Respect and Gratitude!

Mother Earth is filled with beauty. Open your eyes to the miracle of the tapestry of life around you. Really look at the plants, trees, animals, bodies of water...from the majestic ocean or lake to the retention pond in your own backyard. All are teeming with life! Let's be observant of nature's gifts that surround us daily. Try to imagine as you drive to work or the grocery store how it would appear if there were no trees, grass or plants softening your view. If it were only our concrete buildings, roads and barricades. Pretty dismal, eh? Let's all be in gratitude every moment for the amazing beauty that surrounds us...free of charge! May we remember to be "good stewards" of our gifts and do whatever we can to protect, preserve and nuture "Mother Nature" which so lovingly embraces us. The Earth is a loving, breathing, evolving being. May we treat her with respect and gratitude the way that God intended.

We can get politically involved (see www.Earthday.org) or simply start by making small changes such as shutting off the running water from the faucet when brushing teeth, using environmentally friendly products and recycling. 

By the way, Walmart has a new line of organic pesticide products by a company called EcoSMART (www.ecosmart.com) that are safe for use around children, pets and will not harm the environment...plus they smell wonderful! I know the insects are also a gift to the planet and assist in many ways, but sometimes we don't want them underfoot! Using an environmentally safe product when necessary will prevent harmful chemical run off into the bodies of water that are sources for our drinking water! Together we CAN make a difference. 

Please feel free to post helpful conservation tips and recommended products! One way you can make your voice heard right now is to visit: http://members.greenpeace.org/action/index.php


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